Queens Problem

In chess, the queen is the most powerful piece. It can move parallel to the edges of the chessboard and at a 45° angle to them for any distance. In 1848, the chess player Max Bezzel first posed the question in a magazine, in how many ways you can place 8 queens on a chessboard (8 × 8) without one queen reaching the square of another in one move. As it turned out, this eight-queens problem has 92 solutions.

The question can be generalized in an obvious way by assuming a square chessboard of arbitrary size and adjusting the number of queens accordingly. Until now (2023) the general queens problem has been solved with the help of computers up to the 27×27 chessboard.

In this app, the size of the chessboard can be set by using a selection field (maximum 12). You can try the solution yourself (with help) or let the computer calculate the solutions. The upper of the two buttons causes the emptying of the chessboard in case of manual solution, and the display of the first solution in case of automatic solution. The lower button is used only for automatic solution, for switching between the different solutions.

Source: Wikipedia (German), article "Damenproblem"

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